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Hollywood’s ONLY coffee shop with Cold Brew on Tap. AND only coffee shop in Los Angeles with 30+ outlets for your laptop addiction. Come in, relax, and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Stumptown Coffee or Art of Tea. Eat some breakfast while you read the news. Try our delicious made-to-order sandwiches, panini and wraps.

Whether it’s your first visit or fiftieth, we will always treat you like a Rise N Grind regular.


Established in 2014 along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rise N Grind is the newest addition to the Playhouse Group. Partnered with L.A based companies – Stumptown Coffee, Pressed Juicery, and Art of Tea – all with reputation for quality and now attainable in one location.

Owner Robert Vinokur grew up in New York City, where he drew inspiration from along with L.A lifestyle and his travels around Europe. He describes Rise N Grind as “a place for people to meet and hangout without loud music, alcohol or anything like that”. We’ll happily sip a coffee to that.

Rise N Grind serves Stumptown Coffee Roasters coffee with two cold brews on tap, flavored lattes, cappuccino, and there’s even a horchata coffee. Plus, Stumptown’s 12-ounce retail bags of coffee are also available.

“When we first were coming up with the name we were trying to figure out what’s a fun play on something that will work in Hollywood,” said Vinokur. “Something you hear in someone’s morning speech is the rise-and-grind, time to motivate, so we kind of played off of that.”

The grind in the name also came from a wish to represent the city’s skateboard culture, which plays into the decor with skateboard benches and more than 150 skateboards. The coffee shop also has concrete floors, skateboard benches, and steel container units.

Here, at Rise N Grind, you can get your caffeine fix in a place that offers much more. Our 90-person venue hosts a melting pot of professionals, producers, students and tourists; daily from 7 am to 7 pm. Located at 6501 Hollywood Boulevard in the heart Hollywood, CA.

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